The Choreographic Ensemble, Performances, Festivals, the ‘Company’

The Chantraine Choreographic Ensemble was formed by Françoise Chantraine in 1987 as the artistic performing group of the School and consists of Chantraine professionals and advanced pupils. The Ensemble has performed frequently in Paris as well as in London, Strasbourg and Geneva.
“It seeks to offer at each of its performances a testimony of ‘a dance of the dynamic of the world, which links the art of choreography with the art of living’ ”.(F.Ch.)

Previous performances include:

May 2006“Stone and Light” - at St. Séverin, Paris,  a choreographic concert of dance, live music and the spoken word.
May 2008“Spirals of Shadow and Light” - at LSO St. Luke’s, London, celebrating 30 years of Chantraine in England
May 2010Golden Jubilee Performance of “Between Sky and Earth” celebrating 50 years of the Chantraine School at Chatelet
Theatre, Paris.
March 2011Second Performance of “Between Sky and Earth” at the “Espace Malraux”, Tours.
July 2012 Performance by 9 - 14 year-old group as part of Big Dance at Granary Square, King's Cross, a Sadler's Wells
production in collaboration with Camden Council.

Festivals and the ‘Company’

Festivals are held annually in each of the three Centres - London, High Wycombe, and Wanstead. On these occasions, the School becomes a ‘Company’, which includes pupils and students of all ages and levels, together with the professionals. From time to time, pupils also take part in other performances, for example, the Redbridge Dance Link Festival and the Camden Summer Dance Festival.

Chantraine Manifesto

Everything in the world is movement. As we take part individually in this universal rhythm, we need to feel it, to receive it. Dance is nourished by the pulses of life. Expression of life, it has to discover life's true riches. Knowing how to listen, to understand, it will know how to express and discover in its turn. Then dance is life, it is élan.

Elan of the spirit as well as of the body. From their perfect understanding is born beauty of movement, of gesture - that movement through which an intention flows. But movement only attains its truth if it really springs from the depths of the being.

To dance, yes, to dance the Dance, the dance of the dynamic of the World. To dance Joy.”

Alain Chantraine, June 1959


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