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Chantraine Centres in England

The Chantraine School of Dance in England has three centres:
North-West and Central London, Wanstead and High Wycombe

Foundation & Development: The School in England has been created since 1978 by Patricia Woodall, who first met Françoise Chantraine in 1976, when, as a dance teacher, she was taking further training at a dance faculty in Paris. This was also part of a journey into the meaning and value of dance as a lifelong art, which had previously taken her to research and dance in Romania. Greatly inspired by the work of Françoise and Alain, and the ethos, energy and joy of the whole approach, she transferred to the Chantraine School and, convinced of its value to all dancers, amateur and professional alike, decided to bring it to England. She trained to become a Chantraine professional while continuing to teach in England, and now directs the English branch and runs the North-West and Central London centre. The School expanded with the creation of the Wanstead centre in 1990 by Kate Green, and the High Wycombe centre in 1991 by Jane Greenstreet. All the teachers work closely with Françoise Chantraine and the School in France, and continue a permanent training.

First Cycle - Children from 4 - 7 years

The High Wycombe Centre

We are very sorry to announce that as from September 2012, Jane Greenstreet is, for personal reasons, unable to continue to give classes in the High Wycombe Centre, which she has created, directed, and built to a very high standard of dancing over the past 21 years. However, it is very good news that she will be able to continue dancing with the Chantraine choreographic ensemble and also that she intends to run workshops in High Wycombe, so that her pupils will be able to meet and continue Chantraine dance from time to time. The first of these workshops will be for all levels and will take place on October 14th - see Forthcoming events for details - and another is being planned for later in the term, so look out for dates!

Courses and classes

The London and Wanstead centres offer a range of independently run classes, arranged over three terms, for children from 4 years, teenagers, students and adults without age limit. Classes for children and students take place on weekday afternoons after School in both centres, and also on Saturday mornings in London. Adult classes take place in the daytime and evening in both centres.

Children and Teenagers

Classes are arranged according to the main cycles of age, with the level becoming more advanced as the children progress.


Classes are classified as “All Levels with Beginners”, “Intermediate” and “Advanced”. The North West London Centre also runs two adult classes with Westminster Kingsway College’s Neighbourhood Learning Programme, including one for senior citizens which has no no upper age limit and is free.

Fees and Concessions

Fees vary according to the Centre and the rates are available on application. It is the School’s policy that no one should be prevented from joining because of financial hardship and concessions or grants are available. The first class is always a free trial.

Short Courses In England & France.

Short courses are held at intervals throughout the year both in England and France. Please visit the events page or contact Chantraine School of Dance for full details.

Professional Training

Training to become a Chantraine teacher takes place on a part-time basis at first, and gradually becomes more intensive. Theory and practice are balanced throughout and the duration depends on previous training and experience.
Current opportunities
The School is currently seeking from among the wider dance community people who would be interested in training to become Chantraine professionals and continue the development of Chantraine Dance in England and particularly in the High Wycombe area. The work of a professional involves both dancing and teaching, and is an opportunity for people who love both these aspects and would like to work with a holistic, inclusive method. The training takes place mainly in London and also from time to time in Paris. It is arranged to meet individual needs, takes account of existing dance experience and is open-ended in the earlier stages. Those interested in finding out more should contact Patricia Woodall. See also Forthcoming Events for a workshop, on November 4th at The Place, 16 Flaxman Terrace, WC1. This will be open to all levels and ages (over 9 years), and provide a general session to discover or deepen the Chantraine approach to dance, including choreographies from the repertoire, and a session focusing on the approach in relation to young people and children, which could be of particular interest to those considering professional training. Details soon to be announced.

Who comes to the classes?

A very wide variety of people from all over the world: dancers, aspiring dancers, who would like to broaden and deepen their experience; complete beginners of any age from 4 to adults without age limit; people from all walks of life – musicians, artists, actors, therapists, teachers - including dance teachers - job-seekers, architects, engineers, nurses, people working in retail, design, the media, the possibilities are endless …
All are welcome!

chantraine dance for everyone
Teenagers, Students and Adults