Francoise Chantraine

Welcome to the Chantraine School of Dance

and the Chantraine Dance of Expression in England

Created in France since 1958 by Alain and Françoise Chantraine, In England since 1978

bulletA unique approach to all aspects of dance as an expressive art
for the whole person, for well-being and joy.
bulletA School open to all ages - children from 4, teenagers, students, adults
without age limit - and all levels, beginners to professional.
bulletCentres in London, Wanstead & High Wycombe

Whatever your age or level, the Chantraine Dance of Expression can offer new insights and experience in dance. Explore the website for classes, short courses
in England & France, performances, professional training and more...
and try a class free.

Françoise Chantraine in “A Dream"
Photo by Jean-Pol Stercq
chantraine dance school